YLS Program 2018: Russia and U.S.

In the first YLS program, a selected group of basketball players and coaches from Arkhangelsk, Russia traveled to the U.S for eight days where they participated in athletic and cultural activities and stayed with host families in Portland, Maine, sister-city of Arkhangelsk. The participants also had the opportunity to tour around Boston, Massachusetts.


Upon returning home from the U.S., Russian participants executed follow-on projects that they designed during their U.S. visit, i.e. leading basketball clinics.


In August 2018, a group of selected American participants traveled to Russia for eight days for a reciprocal exchange. These participants participated in various athletic and cultural events with their peers in Arkhangelsk.


This first YLS program was a huge success! Basketball was played, skills were gained, and friendships were made. Read some reflections/comments here:


“Try to participate in this program. You will not regret it” - Andrey Terekhov, Russian participant


“I built strong connections with Russian kids that will last a lifetime” - Solomon Levy, American participant


“Participation in this program has improved my communication skills” - Aleksandr Kokorin, Russian participant


“Seeing the relationships being built throughout the trip between the Russians and Americans and even within our own group was amazing. It was great to see the youth participants form bonds” - Rachele Burns, American coach


“The whole program was rich and varied” - Irina Uvarova, Russian participant


“I've realized sports can unite any group of people no matter their nationality or ability” - Anna Louise Wildes, American coach


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